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Time is the one resource we cannot manufacture or recapture!

The word “Quadrate” means customization to a perfect fit. Each one of us at quadrate strives to give ideal workable solutions for unique client requirements.

Our vast industry experience puts us in a unique position to offer a quick turnaround time in transactions in the rapidly changing financial ecosystem. Fast access to funds will help you put your plans into action without delays. From helping clients make project reports to offering customized financing services, we are a one-stop for trusted partners for our clients.

We have a dynamic, creative and proactive team working in a great environment. The enterprise is backed by human capital with diverse experience in manufacturing, service industry, NBFCs and banking. We collectively represent over 200 man-years of varied exposure in advising and arranging funds for corporate and individuals in the fields of debt and equity from a host of avenues, including banks, private funds, NBFCs and HNIs.

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